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Scope – Full wrap façade retention structure

Location – Leicester Square, London

Value – £525,000


230 tons temporary works support including 20m high support towers & series of horizontal fabricated truss frames. A particularly logistically challenging job due to location in heart of West End; restrictive working conditions.


Scope – Façade retention and needling works

Location – St Helens, Bishopsgate, London EC3.

Value – £400,000


Approx. 200 tonne façade retention steelwork with complex diagonal bracing from supporting towers together with basement needling support structure connected to existing plunge columns to support the load of the existing façade.



Scope – Façade Retention

Location – Parker Street, London, W1

Value – £115,000


50 tonnes temporary support steelwork to include 2no supporting towers and 3no levels horizontal trusses with internal CHS flying shores.


Scope – Façade Retention

Location – Silken Street, London WC2

Value – £630,000


300 tonnes of temporary structural support steelwork to restrain existing listed façade for the demolition of internal floor structures by the specialist contractor.



Leicester Square

St Helens

Parker Street

Silken Street

Temporary Steelwork

Scope – Façade Retention

Location – Fenchurch Street, EC1

Value – £900,000


Approximately 500 tonnes of fabricated temporary steelwork including 300 tonnes of support trusses and 1400no columns to support existing floors for the safe demolition of an existing office block in the centre of the City of London.


Fenchurch Street

Scope – Temporary works for roof removal

Location – Earl’s Court, London, SW5

Value – £950,000


Installation of specially designed truss support frames to allow the lowering of the existing 1200 tonne roof structure in a single process. Works included site strengthening of existing trusses prior to removal.

Earl’s Court

Permanent Steelwork Secondary Steelwork Temporary Steelwork

Scope – Façade Retention

Location – Sloane Gardens, SW1W

Value – £550,000


Approximately 250 tonnes of fabricated temporary steelwork to the facade of existing building during demolition of the internal floors at a confined site in the heart of Chelsea. Works comprised of a series of trusses and towers to the exernal facade and flying shores to the internal of the building


Sloane Gardens

Scope – Works to facilitate structural alterations

Location – Devonshire Row, Bishopsgate EC2

Value – £250,000


Installation of walings and props to each of 3 zones to support existing facade during demolition, protection deck fitted to LUL vent shaft, stair removal frames and needling to the basement levels to take the existing slab during basement demolition

Devonshire Row