S.A.H Engineering Ltd
S.A.H Engineering Ltd
CE Marking
  • September '18 - Final handover and works complete at Hyperion, Aldgate.


  • July '18 - As part of our ongoing dedication to improving service we have invested in new welding plant, meaning we can now lay a 10mm fillet weld in a single run!


  • June '18 - Permanent works get underway at Devonshire Row. The first phase of works is the installation of a new 50 tonne steelwork frame to the rear of the existing building.


  • June '18 - The first of 8 17m/11 tonne plate girders is lifted and installed at Hyperion, Aldgate. The girders had to be lifted in 3m sections to the 11th floor using a goods lift! They were then installed on the floor and lifted into place.


  • April '18 - Working from tender stage with our client, we have secured a £1m structutral alterations package at Project George in the middle of the iconic Oxford Circus. The project consits of some 18 tonne plate girders installed at the ground and second floor.


  • February ’18 – Installation of the first phase of KGX1 works commences, with the erection of a 50 tonne crash deck installed during nights to minimise distruption to a busy ramp servicing the Kings Cross station.


  • February ’18 – SAH start works on the Ascott Hotel area of Audley Square House


  • January ’18 – SAH renew their BCSA membership


  • January ’18 – CHAS application is renewed without any remedial actions needed.


  • December ’17 – Works start at Jubilee House, Stanmore. Walers are tied to piling ready for prop installation


  • November ’17 – SAH start works at Audley Square House. Initial works are to the car park area, with jacked propping to existing buildings at two different levels.



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